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Install bcoos

written by bcoos on 16 June 2012

Go to were httpdocs reside on your domain and download bcoos files.
cd /home/to/your/
svn export
Svn will download files to the directory on a folder named core

Move files of core folder to the same directory and list files on the directory.
mv core/* .
mv core/.htaccess .
ls -a

You must obtain a file list similar to this.
.   applications  core       icon.png  index.php  INSTALL.en.txt   removeInstallDirectory.php  version.php
..  config.php    .htaccess  includes  install    LICENSE-GPL.txt  update

Remove core folder
rm -fr core

Go to the in your browser, you must see a screen like this:

At the
/home/to/your/ chmod the following files:
chmod 0666 config.php
chmod 0777 includes/cache
chmod 0777 includes/cache/permissions
chmod 0777 includes/cache/pages
chmod 0777 includes/image/uploaded
chmod 0777 includes/image/uploaded/anonymous
Fill the form with database settings and the administrator account data.

Click save and point again your browser to you will see a screen asking to remove install folder.

Remove install folder:
rm -fr install

Click on the link with your url and it must show the screen of a fresh bcoos installation.

Login with the data of administrator account provided during setup.

Now bcoos is installed properly.

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