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bcoos is a open source (GPL) Rapid Application Development (RAD) php cms framework written in PHP5, MySQL and Jquery.

It's modular and each module follows Model View Controller (MVC) paradigm, skinny class controller with actions, fat models and views with pages, blocks and multiples layouts. bcoos has 4 modules, system, users, blog and messages and can be used as Content Management System (CMS)

It comes with user management with groups and you can define which actions of controller can do each group.

It has a WYSIWYG editor, allowing embed video and audio, upload images and highlight code snippets.

HTML looks like HTML and SQL looks like SQL, SQL using prepared statements.

Tutorial - How to make a Question / Answer site

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    Jquery javascript check all checkboxes one-liner

    written by bcoos on 3 December 2011

    • Property 1
    • Property 2
    • Property 3
    • Property 4
    • Property 5
    • Property 6

    JQuery Javascript:
    <script type="text/javascript">
    	$(function () { 
    		$('.checkAll').click(function () { $(this).parent().find(':checkbox').attr('checked',$(this).attr('checked'));});

    <div class="container">
    	<input class="checkAll" type="checkbox"><span class="title">Properties</span>
    	<ul class="list">
    		<li><input value="1" type="checkbox">Property 1</li>
    		<li><input value="2" type="checkbox">Property 2</li>
    		<li><input value="3" type="checkbox">Property 3</li>
    		<li><input value="4" type="checkbox">Property 4</li>
    		<li><input value="5" type="checkbox">Property 5</li>
    		<li><input value="6" type="checkbox">Property 6</li>

    <style type="text/css"> 
    	ul.list          { list-style-type:none;margin-left:0px;}
    	ul.list li       { float:left;width:33%;} 
    	.container input { margin-right:4px;} 
    	div .title       { font-size:16px;font-weight:bold;}

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    written by bcoos on 16 July 2010

    - Write maximum of 10 answers of your preferred lists of best things.
    - Write as many lists as you want.
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    bcoos 2.0.10

    written by bcoos on 9 May 2010

    New release of bcoos written from scratch, it has 4 modules, blog, user, system and messages.

     bcoos 2.0.10 (.zip) - 0.95MB
     bcoos 2.0.10 (.tar.gz) - 0.77MB
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    bcoos 1.0.13

    written by bcoos on 7 May 2008


    update bcoos 1.0.13 (.zip)

    bcoos 1.0.13 (.zip)- 2.55MB
    bcoos 1.0.13 (.tar.gz) - 1.91MB
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    Ping 1.0 xml-RPC based module

    written by bcoos on 20 April 2008

    First addition to repository, new Ping 1.0 module, to make a website update list like


    - Maintain a list of recent updated blogs
    - Form to make manual ping.
    - xml-RPC server to receive pings.
    - Select how many days blogs are on site before refresh list.

    XML-RPC ping web based module
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